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Open Positions

The lab has opened in 2022 and we are recruiting! 

Brain is enigmatic. Understanding brain's function and dysfunction requires an interdisciplinary research effort.

Are you interested in reading and writing information from/into the brain, manipulating neural activity and behavior, watching how decisions are made, and how memories are formed?

Are you interested in how brain networks fail during brain disorders and what can potentially be done to reverse it?

Join our team to begin unlocking the mysteries of the brain!

Arseny Finkelstein

Just write an email to:
Arseny Finkelstein

  • We are looking for highly motivated Graduate students (Master's and PhD) and Postdocs from diverse backgrounds to join our lab. 

    Requirements: Research in the lab is interdisciplinary. We welcome curious students from various disciplines, including biology, physics, psychology, computer science, engineering, philosophy, medicine and others.  

  • Data analysis projects
    We also have several data analysis projects available, involving large neural recordings datasets. These projects are focused on studying neural dynamics of large population of neurons (~ 1 million neurons) recorded during behavior.

    Requirements: Proficiency in Python or MATLAB (background in neuroscience or related fields is a plus). Possibility for working remotely.

  • Undergraduate students interested in a summer project / 3rd year research project.

    We are happy to hear from curious students with interest in neuroscience.

For information for International Students about Graduate and Postdoctoral studies at the Tel Aviv Univesity, click here.

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