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Selected Publications

  • Finkelstein A, Daie K, Rózsa M,  Darshan R, Svoboda K.
    Connectivity underlying motor cortex activity during naturalistic goal-directed behavior.
    bioRxiv (2023)

  • CM Kim, Finkelstein A, Chow CC, Svoboda K, Darshan R.
    Distributing task-related neural activity across a cortical network through task-independent connections.
    Nature Communications

  • Inagaki KH, Chen S, Daie K, Finkelstein A, Fontolan L, Romani S, Svoboda K. 
    Neural algorithms and circuits for motor planning.
    Annual Review of Neuroscience (2022)

  • Finkelstein A*, Fontolan L*, Economo MN, Li N, Romani S, Svoboda K. 
    Attractor dynamics gate cortical information flow during decision-making.
    Nature Neuroscience (2021)
    See also News & Views by Chong & Akrami

  • Finkelstein A, Ulanovsky N, Tsodyks M, Aljadeff Y.   
    Optimal dynamic coding by mixed-dimensionality neurons in the head-direction system of bats.
    Nature Communications (2018)

  • Finkelstein A.   
    Motor control: three-dimensional metric of head movements in the mouse brain.
    Current Biology (2018)

  • Eliav T, Geva-Sagiv M, Yartsev MM, Finkelstein A, Rubin A, Las L, Ulanovsky N. 
    Nonoscillatory phase-coding and synchronization in the bat hippocampal formation.
    Cell (2018)

  • Eisenkraft A, Falk A, Finkelstein A.   
    The role of glutamate and the immune system in organophosphate-induced CNS damage.
    Neurotoxicity Research (2013)

  • Finkelstein A*, Kunis G*, Berkutzki T, Ronen A, Krivoy A, Yoles E, Last D, Mardor Y, Van Shura K, McFarland E, Capacio BA, Eisner C, Gonzales M, Gregorowicz D, Eisenkraft A, McDonough JH, Schwartz M.   
    Immunomodulation by poly-YE reduces organophosphate-induced brain damage.
    Brain Behavior Immunity (2012)

  • Finkelstein A*, Kunis G*, Seksenyan A, Ronen A, Berkutzki T, Azoulay D, Koronyo-Hamaoui M, Schwartz M. 
    Abnormal changes in NKT cells, the IGF-1 axis, and liver pathology in an animal model of ALS. 
    PLoS One (2011)

  • Ziv Y*, Finkelstein A*, Geffen Y*, Kipnis J, Smirnov I, Shpilman S, Vertkin I, Kimron M, Lange A, Hecht T, Reyman KG, Marder JB, Schwartz M, Yoles E. 
    A novel immune-based therapy for stroke induces neuroprotection and supports neurogenesis.  
    Stroke (2007)

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